You Can Get Massive In 3-Months By Gene Mozee   • $24.00

You Can Get Massive In 3-Months By Gene Mozee

Training and diet course to put on 20 pounds of solid muscle in just six weeks.

As unbelievable as this all sounds, it is absolutely true. To prove it to you, I am going to reveal the exact same training program and diet that John Farbotnik gave to me that changed me from a skinny, underweight, part time dabbler, into a champion power lifter with over 20 inch arms cold at the bodyweight of 181 pounds.


Explanation of Routine

Building Mass


How Paul Grant Gained 110 lbs of Muscle

Advanced Mass Program

How To Gain Solid Weight

Advanced Mass Training

The Importance of Diet For Building Massive Size


Mass Diets

Food For Massive Muscles

Protein Drinks

Weight Gaining Foods

Food Tips For Mass

Other Weight Gaining Tips

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