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You Can Build 20" Arms By Gene Mozee


I remember as a 16-year-old beginner that the most of the bodybuilding authorities stated that a person with my small bone structure (7" wrist) could never build more than an 18" arm. Come to think of it, at the height of 5'7" and the skeleton-thin bodyweight of 129 pounds, sporting a 37" chest and 11 1/2" arms, my potential didn't look too promising. However, I firmly believed that anything is possible if you worked hard enough and long enough with dedication and enthusiasm.

Six years later, my arms taped 20" cold at a body weight of 222 pounds. Joe Baratta (former multi-titled physique star of the 1950's - he now owns three Jack LaLanne European Health Spas) measured my arm at 20' 1/2" pumped in 1957 and it was witnessed by Pat Casey (former world bench press record holder at 619-lbs.).

There were no steroids around in those days. We did it all with hard work and good nutrition. Today, better equipment is available and nutrition information is more precise, and superior food supplements exist.

During my more than twenty years as a bodybuilder, I have trained with (or interviewed) most of the great superstars like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Franco Columbu. Sergio Oliva, Reg Park, Larry Scott, Don Howorth, Freddy Oritz, Dave Draper, Bob Birdsong, Ken Waller, Robin Robinson, and many others.

I have written hundreds of articles on how these champs train, eat, sleep, and think, I have probably read close to 500 articles on arm training and have experimented with every possible arm exercise and routine.
This book is the compilation of all the most important arm building secrets of all the great champions both past and present. But this book goes far beyond mere theory or what the champs do.

It gives you exercises and training programs that will bring results f-a-s-t-!

These exercise routines have been tried and proven by hundreds of bodybuilders that I have helped train at my old Pasadena Gym, and later at other gyms where I worked.

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