Welcome to the Bert Goodrich Show of 1957

Welcome to the Bert Goodrich Show of 1957May we extend a hearty welcome to all of you. It is our pleasure to present a show that will not only entertain you, but one which will be both inspirational as well as educational.

We are actively engaged in a gigantic move that is destined to create a far-reaching effect on the health of the Nation. Our Shows, being held in cities from Coast to Coast, will revolve around the accrued benefits of proper exercise and health, with appropriate displays of physical culture achievements fur inspirational and educational purpose. In addition, lectures will he given on proper care of the body.

It is a well known fact that only a few short years ago only a handful of people were aware of the tremendous benefits derived from this type of physical culture conditioning and training. Today, it is estimated that there are more than seven million or men, women and children participating in sytematic and progressive exercises.

In touring the country with this type of show, we will be able to reach thpusands of people who have never been familiar with the relative value of this type of training for the effective improvement of health and the body. We feel that much can be accomplished through the presentation of our Shows throughout the Nation. We have available all new scientific equipment for systematic training, and qualified instructors who will he able to start people of any age to a better way of life.

Our plan will stimulate a trend that will continue to raise the physical standards of the United States far beyond the remotest expectations of most of the prominent health authorities. Our primary objective is to create and build a more health and body conscious Nation.

Welcome to the Bert Goodrich Show of 1957

Welcome to the Bert Goodrich Show of 1957


#1 2015-12-01 20:15
Bert Goodrich is my maternal great uncle; I have always admired him for his many achievements.
#2 2015-12-13 20:22
My father was a great man and a pioneer in the physical fitness industry. I remember going to Vince's gym with my dad as a young boy as Vince and he were good friends.

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