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Vince Gironda Seminar

Shortly after 2 p.m. on Saturday, 30th May 1981, the first ever Vince Gironda Seminar commenced in Toronto.

For the first two hours, Vince outlined his philosophy which included an in depth study into diet, training and nutrition which absolutely had the audience mesmerised during the whole period.

Vince Gironda Seminar

In the magazine world Vince was earning quite a reputation because of his many controversial articles and statements relating to modern day bodybuilding. His comments on squats, bench presses and eggs certainly had the whole world talking about Mr Vince Gironda.

"I like to drop a bombshell now and again just to keep the bodybuilding world on it's toes you know" Vince stated when asked about his magazine articles.

When the second half of the first ever Vince Gironda Seminar opened you could be sure there would be many questions relating to those 'bombshells' and the book details the questions and answers.

Vince Gironda Seminar

Here is the best bodybuilding seminar I have ever witnessed.

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