Vince Gironda's Training Secrets

I think that rules are made to be challenged, questioned, changed or broken completely. There is no absolutely right or wrong way to work out.

Too many bodybuilders slave away year in and year out using exercises and concepts they never bother to analyze.

When I experiment with a new exercise, I don’t do it for a week or two and expect to feel or see any difference. I give it a chance and let it become a habit. Any exercise I recommend is one that I personally tried and tested for at least nine months. That way you can benefit from a proven result.

I’m flexible in my thinking and give new concepts a fair and working chance. I have no magical secrets other than keeping an open mind. If the old, worn patterns fail to produce, throw them out. If they’re partially successful, creatively improve them. If an old routine or exercise combination works, I’ll use it. Why tinker with a good thing? If I get the results I want in changing, developing and renewing my body, then I’ve found a road map to the perfection I seek.

Most of my pupils arrived at my gym underweight and lacking muscle size. If someone needed to gain 20, 30, 40 or 50 pounds to reach his goals, I gave him the following information, along with the amonition that he strive to gain only quality muscle mass--in the right places. In other words, he should work to improve the shape and symmetry of his body by adding mass to his weak points.

Larry Scott came to me weighing 157 pounds. When he won his final Mr. Olympia title, he weighed 207. Larry did it the right way. He gained quality muscle and reshaped his physique by working his weak points harder than his strong points. To compensate for his narrow clavicle, he built massive delts and arms.

Take heed of Scott’s success: Gain all the weight and muscle you need to reach your goals, but only in the right places.

Larry Scott is just one of the many hundreds who have used my weight-gaining procedures. Gene Mozee came to me when he was about 18 and told me he wanted to weigh 200 pounds--he was 150 at the time. I didn’t recognize him when he returned a couple of years later weighing 220 and with 20-inch arms. He said it was the weightgaining information I gave him that enabled him to build such muscle mass.


#1 2010-11-01 20:37
Awesome info! These are principles that i followed! Keep track of what you are doing is a big one in my book. If what your doing isn't working, then why continue to do it if you are seeing no gains! Put it aside and try some new things, a little tweek here and there go a long way!
#2 2010-11-27 13:32
I am 58, soon to be the next. I feel like 35. I have been training since 85 and train at home. I only have those store bought weights - one bar, and a pair of dumbbells. I do fine. I've been to the gyms, but now due to finances, this is my routine. I use Vinces' training approaches. If I don't have the energy, I'll do 6x8, but on a good day 8x8. I may not always do my whole routine with 8x8, but it is a big difference from what I use to do. I've been stuck with pyramiding for so long, that when I found this, it helped me quite a lot.

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