Vince Gironda's Son Guy Gironda

The Wild Physique: Dedicated with respect, love, and frienship to my son Guy, in the certain knowledge that he will one day surpass my humble achievements, as is the order of things...

- Vince Gironda

- Vince had one son, Guy, who seems to have just disappeared. I don't think Guy had the desire and passion for bodybuilding that Vince had, but, of course, this is only my observation.

- A contributing factor to the gym closing was the severe health problems of Gironda's beloved son Guy. Caring for Guy sapped Gironda's energy, and his motivation to run his gym.

- Guy Gironda had a great sense of humor. Great wit like his dad.

- I did not last long on Vince's nutrition program. His son Guy, warned me it would not be fun. He was right. But that's just me.

- Guy Gironda handled the evening workouts for many. But Vince handled all the elite bodybuilders all the time as far as I knew.

- Vince his wife Bobbie and son Guy all became patients of mine when I went into practice and we got along just beautifully.

- Art Zeller and Gene Mozee were comparing cameras and Vince Gironda's son and mine were looking for trouble and finding it.

- I have met Guy nice person. Not like his father. I don't think he did much training. At least nothing showed.

- Vince's son had some substance abuse problems & I don't think he was ever found after Vince died.


#1 2014-06-14 01:06
An enigma
#2 2014-06-19 16:40
I believe Guy had the spark to train like his Father, Vince. He train consistently when I was there. I saw him push at least close to 400lbs on the Hack machine. I know because I was pushing close to 355Lbs too. I helped Vince with his son's issues, when I was there..But a person has to be willing to help himself if he is to recover. Regards Robert
#3 2015-03-01 08:17
My family and I were neighbors of Vince and Guy. We eventually moved away from Toluca Lake. I always wondered what happened to Guy if anyone has information about Guys whereabouts please contact me at scootymac6969@y
#4 2016-02-01 18:51
Guy had his problems way back in early 80s. I know as I worked for Vince back then. I also wondered what happened to Vince's "gal pal" Madeleine Tambellini. Any info would be appreciated. They may both be dead....who knows...?
#5 Paul Edwards 2017-10-10 21:30
I was 13 when I started going to Vince's Gym, and Guy was my mentor. I wish I'd kept at it!

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