Vince Gironda's Gym Collection

A member did buy Vince's Gym and he installed in a warehouse in a secret location in Hollywood where him and his buddies train. I've been there and it has every piece of Vince's fabulous equipment set up and ready for action. I hope do a photo story about it soon for Ironman. The long time member who bought the gym owns 'The Cimmarron Group' which produces movie trailers and does publictity for the biggest stars in Hollywood like Arnold, Clint Eastwood, Leonard Dicaprio, Denzel Washington and about 20 other stars. They also do Arnold's Website and for many of the movie stars. Bob Farina bought Vince's equipment and John Balik bought the mounted photo collection.


#1 TheManFromTaco 2018-01-31 17:47
Unfortunately, I read on the Vince Gironda facebook fan page that somebody managed to obtain a lot of Vince's old equipment but then turn around and sell off the pieces individually instead of keeping them together as a collection. Hopefully it ends up in the hands of people who really appreciate the legacy.

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