Vince Gironda's Athletic Background

Vince was born with a love for all physical activity. While in hgh school, he competed in football and track. Vince set a school pole vault record in Junior High School with a mark of 10 feet 6 inches. In high school, he vaulted 12 feet, high jumped 5 feet 9 inches, and set a school record in the shot put with 47 feet 1 inch. Vince weighed only 145 lbs. in high school, and he broke the shot put record which had stood for 10 years. I addition to his other track activities, he also ran the high hurdles, the relay and competed in cross country. In football, he played blocking back.

Vince still loves athletic competition. He throws the shot and does wind sprints regularly. He can still run 100 yards in less than 11 seconds, which is simply amazing. In 1960, he placed second to Floyd Simmonds in the Scotch Highland games in the Caber throwing competition. (The caber is a 16 foot pole that requires tremendous strength, balance and co-ordination to throw or heave for a respectable distance.)

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