Vince Gironda Exercises Volume I   • $39.95

Vince Gironda Exercises Volume I

MuscleMag called this " of the most valuable exercise videos on the market." Don't miss it!

Have you ever wondered how fitness star Chantal Dicaire created her beautiful body? Many of her secrets are contained in "The Vince Gironda Exercises: Vol. 1" – one of the most informative training videos you'll find on the market today.

For 50 years the late Vince Gironda trained more champion physique competitors than anyone in the business.

But he didn't stop there - Vince was also the "trainer of the stars," sculpting the physiques of the world's best actors and actresses.

He was known as the man who could not only get results, but also get those results faster than anyone. He's a legend and his training methods continue to live on and inspire people to this day.

Starring Chantal Dicaire and bodybuilder/professional-fitness-model, Justin Cowley, "The Vince Gironda Exercises: Vol. 1" showcases more than 20 of the exercises that Vince Gironda either invented or perfected.

We guarantee, you've never seen anything like this.

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