Vince Gironda Dips

Wide Grip Dips 

For those of you who are not familiar with this exercise I will explain it as Vince Gironda describes in his course "The Vince Gironda Workout Bulletin."

(IronMan Magazine Jan 1977 Vol. 36 No. 2)

Vince Gironda Dips

Use a parallel bar set up which permits you to have a spacing of 33" wide. Remember that the elbows must be wide and straight out from the shoulders. The head is down chin on chest and the back rounded forward. The feet are under the face or slightly in front. Dip as far down as possible and return as high as you can.

Gironda Dips

Never change this position as this isolates the pectoral muscle and does not bring the triceps into play as in the elbows back style.

Larry Scott Vince Gironda Dips


#1 2009-09-28 12:19
Best pec excercise!
Results even in UPPER pec area!
Hard to find V-DipBars,
but have a home made set.
#2 fuss400 2010-02-02 03:35
Quoting Hayden:
Best pec excercise!
Results even in UPPER pec area!
Hard to find V-DipBars,
but have a home made set.

how did you make one at home? Or any ideas how to make one without a welder.
#3 Mac Cook 2010-10-04 00:28
If I could have only one exercise in my life for chest, this would be it.
#4 2011-01-06 10:03
What angle should there be between the V bars ? There is no information on the picture. I see it has to be 32" wide but there is no information about the angle. Should it be 30 degree angle? I don't want to hurt myself.
#5 Forzafurioso 2011-10-12 11:04
Some times I go even wider... close to 35" I like how it hits my chest, but I can't do as many then.
#6 Forzafurioso 2011-10-12 11:15
I think you can go from 25-30° minimum up to 45°.
I've done some prototypes in wood and those angles feels alright.
#7 2012-02-25 01:38
ACIL is my name....
I've been doing the vince dip for a few weeks already and you know guys...outstanding results..all those big guys started to asked me what kind of workout i did to develop such obvious line under my thick chest... actualy i've bought the vince book of training and i'm really happy with it cause the out come are awesome.. i put nearly an inch in my arms.. a few inches in my thigh (vince-sissy squat even only using my body weight)...and the best thing is..i ate like more 6 meals per day like before... i ate almost love fried foods.. hi guys out there... why not try the iron guru workout..ciao for now..
#8 2012-03-21 09:34

Sweet range of motion - great exercise!

As NEED is the Mother of invention, I used my spotter stands at a 33" spacing and angled to get my elbows out to the front/flat.

Once sorted with spacing an trial & error with the height etc, I went around the base with my marker pen to give an outline for next time.

Works EVERYTIME now and no new kit needed!


#9 2014-11-21 20:04

When to use the Vince Gironda dip and when to use the wide parallel dip?

#10 2015-06-11 15:06
If you've never done these before or don't do them much, you'll feel really weak and uncoordinated when you first do them - but stick with it and you'll see results. You're weak and uncoordinated because all you do are flyes and cable crossovers. This is the single most effective chest exercise available.
#11 2015-06-22 16:27
So... how are you supposed to do these without wrecking your shoulders?
#12 2015-07-28 13:18
Much has been said regarding the potential for shoulder injury as a result of dips. Like any other exercise it is a matter of ROM and form while using reasonable weight for those who engage in weighted dips. By the way, the number of shoulder injuries from the bench press far exceed that from dips.
#13 2017-03-17 18:11
Thank you #12 Dawghelms.
I just now saw your comment.

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