Vince Gironda Caber Tossing

Vince Gironda Caber TossingVince is starting Caber Tossing lessons every Saturday morning in order to get a team to represent the gym at the annual Highland Games at Corsair Field in Santa Monica in early April.

Caber Tossing is a Scotch sport in which you throw a 19' long log end over end. Kent McCord (who plays a police rookie on the TV series Adam 12) has offered to put up an additional $1,000 on former wrestling champion Mike Rowe (U.S.C. Discus Thrower), against 300 lb. wrestler, Billy Graham.

This is a grudge battle to settle a for long disputed contest between these two men. This event is to be staged as part of the 10th Mr. San Fernando Valley Show to be held at Vince's Gym.

(IronMan Magazine Nov 1973 Vol. 33 No. 1)

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