Vince Gironda 8x8 Training

I hope you guys understand Vince (as far as I know) never really started anybody out doing the 8 x 8 routines. Rather he started people (from the advanced athlete to the overweight actor) by doing more of a one set "circuit" style of training. And in doing so they (Vince or Nick) would endlessly critique your form on every movement or exercise. From there they would increase the trainees' work load gradually and steadily. I know Vince (or his fans) talked a lot about the 8 x 8 routines, but remember that first came mastering the forms and rest intervals. Also, please remember they would not let me train longer than 45 if you are going to do some of these routines I've seen, you better hussle as well as keep strict form.

I am not trying to discourage anyone from doing 8x8, rather I am just emphasizing what was emphasized to me from Vince and Nick. Be patient, be disciplined, and be tenacious.

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