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Bodybuilder Or Weightlifter For Muscular Gains?

A bodybuilder sculpts the body to make each and every muscle standout. If Vince Gironda's method is used, all four heads are worked to really make the muscles take shape, have definition, and aesthetics.

You are going to come to a crossroads in our game where you are going to have to decide whether you want to be a bodybuilder or a weightlifter.

Vince Gironda Body Drag Curl By Dennis James

If you have a problem getting a good burn in your biceps, try doing body-drag curls.

Kay Baxter Posing With Vince Gironda

Kay Baxter

I met her in Vince's Gym, which is run by the equally legendary Vince Gironda, the Iron Guru of Studio City.

Vince is a wry old guy with a chicken hawk glare who once informed me that cannibalism was the purest form of protein.

For that reason, we have never dined together.

Vince Gironda at the IronMan Awards

A rare chance to see Vince Gironda at the Ironman Awards, together with other bodybuilding legends such as Steve Reeves and Bill Pearl.

Vince Gironda Body Drag Curl

Despite its name, the body-drag curl isnt really a curl at least not in the traditional sense. Rather than moving in an arc, your biceps will raise the weight in a straight up-and-down movement.

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