Vince Gironda Movies & Videos

Vince Gironda Tribute Wall with Daryl Conant

Vince Gironda Tribute Wall with Daryl Conant.

Larry Scott Lateral Raise Training

Larry Scott training Lateral Raises in 2009.

Vince Gironda - Vince's Gym - Studio City 1948

Live footage of Vince's Gym, Ventura Boulevard, Studio City circa. 1948.

Larry Scott Massive Forearm Training

Larry Scott, the first Mr. Olympia, gives his unique insight into how to train the forearm muscles for best results.

Vince Gironda at 1957 Mr America

Bob Shealy, Vince Gironda, Zabo, Ray Schaefer, and Timmy Leong at the Mr America Bodybuilding content 1957.

The results of the contest were 1. Dick Dubois, 2. Reg Lewis, 3. Vince Gironda, 4. Millard Williamson, 5. Zabo and Timmy Leong (tied).

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