Vince Gironda Movies & Videos

Gladys Portugues Roman Chair Squat

Gladys Portugues performing the Roman Chair Squat.

See The Roman Chair Squat for more details.

John Balik Remembers Vince Gironda

John Balik remembers Vince Gironda.

Vince Gironda on Kay Baxter Training David Lee Roth

Vince Gironda explains why he allowed Kay Baxter to train David Lee Roth in his gym.

Vince Gironda & Kay Baxter Posing Clip

A short clip of Vince Gironda & Kay Baxter practicing posing at Vince's Gym.

The Hollywood Muscle Boys - Larry Scott, Don Peters, Reg Lewis

Billed as The Hollywood Muscle Boys, a rare glimpse at Larry Scott, Don Peters, Reg Lewis and more in their bodybuilding prime.

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