The Training Methods of Vince Gironda

Running And Building Optimum Muscle

Getting back to running and building optimum muscle: you can't stay in POSITIVE NITROGEN balance by running excessively for distance, et. al.

You've got to digest 20 grams of protein every 3 hours or look at it like NITROGEN in the system every 3 hours for optimum muscle growth.

There's no way you can keep ahead of your bodily requirements for nitrogen and perform THAT much work. Loss of hormone makes it tough, particularly when they are taking steroids.

I won't go into those aspects now because we covered that on another tape. Distance running can contribute to this over-stimulation of the Adrenal glands – then you have overstressed adrenals – sometimes ADRENAL SHOCK and then the resulting feedback mechanisms cutting down on your Testosterone levels, etc. No growth.

It is only a loss, however, to the degree that they are spending it.

In the meantime they can't possibly get back from Peter what they took from Paul. Fortunately, these glands can rejuvenate themselves with care and nutrients.

They can rehabilitate themselves even if they atrophy. You see this with the varying libido problems a lot of these guys have.

When they get off steroids, for example, their own glandular system slowly comes back and sexual drive returns more, sense of vitality and well-being, etc

Improved Body, Mind and Spirit

Dear Mr. Kosloff,

My name is John and I have been strength training for about 20 years.  Both my father and brother loved to workout and they were the first to introduce me to it. I then played football in high school and college.  However, improper training, awful technique, has since ravaged my body with injuries.

I stumbled on your website and it has been an absolute blessing to me!! I cannot stop reading it!! Simple things such as how to bench press at the neck, what situps really do, milk and eggs, this is such a revelation!!

Currently I work as a teacher/football coach at a high school. I have shared some of this knowledge with my students and they have grown to love bodybuilding and it is amazing to see them loving this as a lifestyle. 

Thank you for this website. Up until this time I had never heard of Vince Gironda due to Joe Weider's monopoly in the bodybuilding media.

In regard to my health as mentioned ealier in this email, I have found that by changing my diet as you have recommended has improved my body, mind, and spirit! This information could have very well saved my life with all the garbage I have put into my body throughout the years!

Take care and again thank you :)

John Drake

Is Running Counter-Productive To Bodybuilding?

Vince's Gym

Vince, I seem to remember a time when you did a lot of running. Sometimes in the morning before your workouts – down in the wash nearby the gym.

Do you think that the running is just counter-productive to the BEGINNER or the INTERMEDIATE?

Vince Gironda On Motivation

Vince GirondaWhat is any motivator?

I knew I’ d never be 6 feet tall so I got bigger and broader.

But I was a juvenile. Don’ t forget that. I’ m getting back down in weight to maybe that of which I first started.

My waist is 29 inches at age 63 and I weigh 160.

I’ m still trying to keep my measurements up; I still want those measurements, but I don’ t want the weight. My goal is to be as muscular as I was at 170, but only weigh 160.

I seem to respond better when I have a goal.

Breaking Bodybuilding Barriers

Larry Scott

Enough. When is "Enough"?

That's almost like Orson Welles coming out and saying, "We will sell no set before its time".

I think what you mean by "more" is usually effort and not always just more weight on the bar. Am I right?

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