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How To Gain Muscular Bodyweight

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The great majority of people who come to be our students are those who have a need for greater body weight.

Our improved system of body culture has allowed us to increase body weights of solid flesh on individuals who have such needs.

Every case can gain. Some do take longer, but in the final analysis, results are assured.

I repeat: Everyone Can Gain!

Calculating The Muscle Pump

Bill Pettis

A man does not have to be very smart to learn some basic truths about bodybuilding after 35 years in the gym business.

Observation of repetitious standards for SUCCESS in overcoming bodybuilding problems finally become startling clear.

Even animals learn through repetition without any outside influence.

The Vince Gironda Body Drag Curl

Vince Gironda Body Drag CurlFor those too young to remember, the vince gironda body drag curl was a favorite of the late, great Vince Gironda, better known as the Iron Guru.

Abdominal Spot Reducing

Contrary to popular opinion, you cannot produce localized spot reduction by performing a few sets of sit-ups every day. Only nutritional dieting and high activity training with minimum rest periods will cause weight loss. Heart and lung function are very important to emulsify fat.

Because they obtain the best blood supply in the body, the abdominals do not have to be worked with dozens of sets of high reps every day. Simply work the abs using 8-12 reps with 4-5 sets per exercise.

Vince Gironda

Building Chest Muscle Correctly

I've never understood why male bodybuilders want to build huge, bulbous chest muscles. The pectorals or "pecs" run across the top of the rib cage and should be slablike in appearance, not bulging and hanging from sheer weight.

You have to add muscle in the proper places. Slap it on where it counts.

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