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Vince Gironda Dips And Chins

I do not think I have seen six men in my life do a chin properly. Don Howorth was one of them. Don pulled up with his chest high and touched his chest to the bar almost as low as his low Pec line. His elbows were drawn down to his sides, touching his lats, and with the chest high and the shoulders down and back, he contracted his lats to the maximum.

If you look up the function of the lat in any Kinesiology book, it will show that the lat – in the fully contracted position – the shoulders are drawn down and back! Round the back and shoulders forward, and you shift to the Teres major muscles. Also, if you do not arch your back to full contraction, you will not develop any of the fibres across the back that attach to the spine. This will give you a flat underdeveloped look with no thickness.

This is how you do the chin: Reach up and grasp the chinning bar, but not too wide…closer than you ordinarily do them, because the lats are partially contracted in a wide grip. Next, stand on a box so that you can jump up into the contracted position and hold at the top for a split second. Now, lower your body and stand on the box (Do singles). Jump up again and touch your low pec to the bar and arch the back. Most important – elbows must touch the sides in the top or contracted position to achieve maximum contraction.

The next most abused exercise is the parallel dip for pec development. The average bodybuilder does this exercise with his elbows back and his chest up and the back arched. Also, he does not drop down low enough, plus his body usually swings due to excessive speed in pec – forming the exercise. The proper way to dip is as follows: Hands should be 32” wide, elbows straight out to the sides (never back), and chin on chest. Chest must be concave and back rounded, feet forward under the head. In short, the body is in a crescent shape. The bottom of the dipping movement is the most important part of the dip; the first 8-10 inches are very isolated pec and most important – dipping receives less help from the deltoid than any other pec exercise. Bench Press plus Incline Dumbell Press – knuckles not facing each other but forward, about 90 percent assistance from delts. The wider the parallel bar, the wider the stress on the pec where the pec disappears under the front deltoid. This gives the chest a greater illusion of width.

Here, in Vince’s Gym, we have V-shaped parallel dip bars and by just moving your hands back you get a wider portion of the pec. By the way, if you hump up your back at the top of the movement, you work the Serratus muscles very forcibly.

Vince Gironda On Sit-Ups

Aside from causing lordosis, research has proven that leg raises and sit-ups are not effective as abdominal trimmers or developers.

I have always maintained that arching the back causes the work to be done by the back muscles (Psoas Major) rather than the abdominal muscles (Rectus Abdominus). Because an exercise is traditional does not mean that it is good. Many exercises were developed as far back as the 18th century. With no scientific knowledge behind them! They just seemed good for the particular muscle.

Toe raises, for instance, performed where you raise out on the toes instead of up on the big toe and ball of the foot with the heels coming together produce not only a bow-legged look, but stretches the structures of the feet and weakens the arches.

(IronMan Magazine Nov 1973 Vol. 33 No. 1)

Vince Gironda Low Abdo Special (The Hip Roll)

This exercise is best done with the back flat on a table plus the head and shoulders rolled forward and the hands flat on the table besides the hips.

Next step, cross your legs, as in the frog sit-up, and roll the hips and crossed legs back towards the chest. This flexibility of the hips and lower back takes practice. This movement also requires that you suck in your abdomen as you perform it.

(IronMan Magazine Nov 1973 Vol. 33 No. 1 and Musclemag Vol 2 issue 1)

Building Strong Abdominals For Heavy Weights

I am a bodybuilder who sometimes powerlifts in the off-season because I really enjoy lifting heavy weights and testing my strength. Is there any special ab exercises I can do that lets me handle heavy weights and will really build and thicken my abs?

Very few weight trainers realize that the abs are a very strong muscle. The barbell 1/4 roll up is a sure size builder because you can handle enormous poundages.

To start, clean a barbell and hold it at shoulders height while sitting at the end of a bench. Lay back, allowing the feet to remain on the floor.

Of course, if you have a training partner to hand you the barbell, it makes things easier.

Hold the barbell across the front deltoids with the elbows high. From this position, roll the head and shoulders forward until the abdominals are flexed. To insure full contraction, cramp the muscle forcibly at the top of the movement. Try four sets of 10, 8, 6 and 15 reps.

(Musclemag Magazine October 1988 )

How To Cure A Sagging Waistline

I am 5 feet 10 inches tall and weigh 140 pounds and, obviously, very thin. I also have small bones. My problem is that the only fat on my body is concentrated on my obliques area and I cannot get rid of it which takes away considerably from any V shape look I may attain.

Any weight I gain goes right to the waistline, but if any is lost it comes from the rest of my body. I have read contradicting stories as to the benefits of side bends and related movements. Some state they will thicken the obliques too much in cases like mine where they are already heavy while others think the stretching of side bends will trim the waist.

Would you care to give me some advice or program on how to alleviate this unsightly sag?

Your problem is mixing carbohydrate and protein at the same meal. Protein and carbohydrate are incompatible. They both digest in a different medium. Protein digests in an acid medium and carbohydrate is an alkaline medium.

Also, support your protein meals with H.C.L. tablets and carbohydrate meals with Enzyme tablets. No exercise acts as a subcutaneous fat emulsifier.

(Musclemag Vol 2 issue 1)

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