The Training Methods of Vince Gironda

Vince Gironda On Motivation

Vince GirondaWhat is any motivator?

I knew I’ d never be 6 feet tall so I got bigger and broader.

But I was a juvenile. Don’ t forget that. I’ m getting back down in weight to maybe that of which I first started.

My waist is 29 inches at age 63 and I weigh 160.

I’ m still trying to keep my measurements up; I still want those measurements, but I don’ t want the weight. My goal is to be as muscular as I was at 170, but only weigh 160.

I seem to respond better when I have a goal.

Breaking Bodybuilding Barriers

Larry Scott

Enough. When is "Enough"?

That's almost like Orson Welles coming out and saying, "We will sell no set before its time".

I think what you mean by "more" is usually effort and not always just more weight on the bar. Am I right?

Vince Gironda's 4 Sets Within A Set

Vince GirondaWe're talking about 4 sets WITHIN a set – 12 reps – with an exercise; in this instance – an Incline DB Curl.

Do it this way and you get the MOST out of it. Why waste a good exercise?

Is your energy so boundless you can dribble it away? If you try to do 12 reps any other way, you'd be "swinging" the weight up after 6 reps.

Hippocrates 10 Rules To Live By

Hippocrates was the Greek Nutritionist, Physician, & Surgeon who lived 400 years before Jesus Christ was born.

He is considered "The Father of Medicine" and completely laid out these 10 rules which have been largely ignored by the medical profession to this time.

Figure Athlete Bodybuilding

Gladys PortuguesMany years ago one of my students, a young lady named Gloria, was perplexed. She wanted to lift weights. She wanted to look good, but she was just terrified that she’d end up looking like a man.
I advised her that as long as you are not taking any kind of anabolic steroids, like most of the women in contests today do, then looking like a man should not concern you.

Most of the women competing in today’s competitions look like men because they have been using testosterone enhancing drugs. It appears to the public that a women’s head has been placed on a man’s body, and sometimes it doesn’t even look like a women’s head.

I tried to explain to her that she could never look like that because women manufacture more estrogen and more progesterone they do testosterone. I told her that she was a pure woman, and a very lovely looking woman at that, and that she would never look like a man.

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