Training Up And Down The Rack


Pick up a pair of light dumbbells and start performing alternating dumbbell curls. Do four repetitions. Put them down and go to the next highest pair. Pick those up and perform four repetitions.

Keep doing this up the rack until your form starts collapsing. At this point, go back down the rack using the same rep scheme until you reach the first dumbbells you picked up. That's it for the biceps for the day.


(1) California Presses
(2) Pullover and press
(3) Close grip bench presses to the neck

Perform these three exercises as a tri-set. For each exercise, perform six repetitions. Immediately move from one exercise to the other until the sequence is done. Perform three rotations of the tri-set. To start out with the rest interval between each tri-set should be a minute. Decrease the rest interval each time you do this routine to increase the density of the workout. Don't add anything else for the triceps for the day.

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