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Larry Scott Off-Season

A photo of Larry Scott taken during a posing exhibition in Southern California (probably at the Embassy Auditorium) during the mid-1960's in the off-season. This was probably his heaviest bodyweight ever (as I recall, 220 lbs.).

Larry Scott Off-Season

Denie And Vince Gironda

I remember when I first met Vince at his gym.

I made believed I was a very dumbed out punch drunk fighter...and walked around touching everything in his gym and taking pictures off his walls etc.

He was actually training someone to do dumbbell laterals his special way in the far end of the gym.

So he sees me doing all this quirky stuff...and comes running over..."Can I help you!" he yells with a pi**ed off tone.

I say..." Da..Can yas make me muscle bound and a.. a.. big?"

Vince really freaks and says..."I can make you so musclebound you won't be able to comb the hair on the back of your head"... like he was talking to a fool.

Than I became my real self and said..

"You know you're the guy who when my gym burned down, wanted to send me money to help me back into business."

Vince looks and shouts...'DENIE!'

You see long before I ever met Vince he was my methods hero. John Balik told me when Denie's Gym burned down, Vince heard
about it. He told Balik, he was going to take up a collection for me, never having met me...His reason:"We have to help independent guys like this guy who take our business seriously".

I never forgot that gesture.

The next day after my joking entrance to his gym...we taped the Iron Guru interviews.

Vince was the first ever to be called the Iron Guru. Which he grudgingly complained to Bob Kennedy about. Because he didn't understand what it was about...because Gurus were kind of
weird cultist freaks in those years.

But 6 months appeared on all his stationary and brochures.

Vince was a very unique and innovative man and personal trainer. I was proud in the years afterward...he was also my friend.


Clint Walker

"The most physically impressive big man i have ever seen. What a natural body!" - Vince Gironda

Clint Walker

Clint Walker

Clint Walker

Don Howorth - A Legend Of Bodybuilding - Waiting to be Rediscovered

Gather round, friends, and tarry with me but a short while. The tale I spin has oft been told—’tis true—and the stuff of legend, some might say. Others, not so kind, have dismissed my recitation as a fool’s dream, nothing more than wishful fancy. Dream or legend? I must leave such judgment up to you, for I am a simple storyteller.

by Rod Labbe
Iron Man Magazine ::
This article ran in the May 2003 issue of Iron Man magazine as part of its "Legends of Bodybuilding" series.

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