Trainer of the Stars

Salvador Ruiz and Vince Gironda

Salvador Ruiz and Vince Gironda in 1983.

Salvador Ruiz and Vince Gironda in 1983

Darrell Fetty, Gary Busey and Vince Gironda

To get ready for the film, The Big Wednesday, we both worked out with Vince Gironda, the late, great "Iron Guru" and bodybuilder to the stars.

I had already been at Vince's Gym awhile, but when an overweight Gary came in, he really pushed himself to get in amazing shape in just a short amount of time.

He literally transformed himself.

Vince said to me, "Fetty, you're a distance runner -- but Busey's a champion."

Gary's a great actor, who's had his troubles over the years, but he's had a wonderful career and always pushed himself to his full "championship" potential".

I didn't appreciate it at the time, but Vince's comment rang true for me as well.

Today I pride myself on "going the distance" during my long and varied career.

Michael Dean

I just wanted to thank you Ron for all the courses nutrition and knowledge you have given me.

A lot of these techniques helped me achive the results I needed.

I really hope to fly up there and train with you as soon as I can.

Michael Dean

Michael Dean

Vince Gironda Training The Movie Stars

Vince helped the film studios whip their stars into shape for the movies; he helped train the likes of Cher, Clint Eastwood, Denzel Washington, James Garner, Brian Keith, Tommy Chong (of Cheech & Chong) and Erik Estrada.

Bill Smith And Vince Gironda

Bill Smith And Vince Gironda

Vince Gironda with actor Bill Smith take a break from training.

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