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Honey Attracts Two B's - Vince Gironda & Monty Wolford

Vince Gironda and Monte Wolford

Honey Attracts Two B's (B is for Bodybuilder) - in the persons of Vince Gironda and Monte Wolford.

Vince Gironda and Jack Delinger

Vince Gironda and Jack Delinger outside Vince's Gym.

Vince Gironda and Doris Barrilleaux

Doris Barrilleaux

Vince Gironda and Doris Barrilleaux.

Jack LaLanne, Joe Weider and Vince Gironda

Jack LaLanne, Joe Weider and Vince Gironda

Jack LaLanne, Joe Weider and Vince Gironda.

Larry Scott The First Mr Olympia

Larry ScottPeople who witnessed Larry Scott's two Mr. Olympia victories are still talking about them. Rick Wayne has written that "Years after he had transformed a normally well-behaved bodybuilding audience at the Brooklyn Academy of Music into a whirling-churling heaving mass of crazy humantiy, those who had witnessed the event would speak of it in tones usually reserved for accounting biblical miracles." I've haven't heard such stories about any other contest in the history of bodybuilding other than the 1948 Mr. Universe that John Grimek won.

Born in Blackfoot, Idaho, on November 12, 1938, Larry was the typical 120 lb. adolescent with no hints of future bodybuilding stardom. He saw hope, though, in a magazine he found in Pocatello's city dump where he read, "You. Too, Can Have an Arm Like This in 30 Days." The picture of George Payne was all he needed to inspire him to join the Pocatello YMCA at 16. 

After winning the Mr. Idaho, he moved to Los Angeles and the rest is history. Eventually winning the first two Mr. Olympia contests, the first victory is seen by many as one of the foundation stones of modern bodybuilding, Larry Scott became one of the greatest legends in the history of the sport.

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