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How To Build More Muscle Mass

Don HoworthVince, I desperately need more muscle mass and size. What kind of foods should I be eating and do you have any tricks that will speed up my muscle growth?

If you need more mass eat more protein.

If you really want to accelerate muscle growth try up to 36 raw eggs a day mixed with raw cream or half and half and milk and egg protein powder (up to a cup a day). Unbeatable for quick gains in my book.

Also take large amounts of red meat - up to two pounds a day. I usually recommend 50 grams of protein six times a day, with the meals spaced three hours apart.

Don't overeat at any one meal. Six small meals are better for weight gain than three large ones.

And take digestive enzymes like papin and HCL with each meal to help with digestion.

Eat this way for three or four weeks; then take a week to detoxify by eating little protein and lots of salads, fresh fruits and carbs.

Then go back to high protein and low carbs for another three or four weeks.

As for tricks to speed up growth, try three desiccated liver tablets, three raw glandular tablets and three amino acid capsules every three hours on your off-meal hours.

Do this six days a week for three weeks and you could conceivably add an inch to your arms.

Fat Loss Ideas

The bodybuilders in the Sixties turned to Vince Gironda for advice on how to strip fat. Basically, one eats meat and eggs in limitless amounts. Then, every third or fourth day, the athlete consumes a high carbohydrate meal with salad to keep the “pump.” This is not different than the Atkins’ Induction Phase or some of the various “Caveman” diets currently popular. Yes, it works and it is that simple.

Muscle Building And Self-Discipline

"Nobody can sneeze for you, and no one can have self-discipline for you. You must care enough about yourself to make yourself do what you know you should. Fortunately this becomes easier as you go along. As you see positive changes in your body, you become more enthusiastic and stricter upon yourself. So your improvement escalates further positive results."

- Vince Gironda

Sex And Muscle

Sex And MuscleI have a question regarding sex and its effects on training. I am a healthy guy, but I was wondering if too much sex will interfere with my training progress?

I have just started to make really good gains at a time when I have become sexually involved with a very beautiful woman. She is very beautiful and I find her irresitable.

We seem to have sex at least twice a day - sometimes more. Sometimes I really find myself dragging when I get to the gym. What should I do Vince, cut back on the sex or accept less gains?

Sex is a very natural act. It is also natural to have sex more frequently when you first become involved with someone. If you're having sex two or more times a day more power to you.

I say enjoy yourself. Just make sure you are eating well and taking your supplements and the sex shouldn't hinder your gains at all, as long as you keep training. If, however, the sex prevents you from getting to the gym, than you should consider cutting back a little. Ah, isn't love grand?

Can You Lose Fat And Gain Muscle At The Same Time?

Lose Fat And Gain MuscleI am 21 years old and have been training for quite a while. I love bodybuilding. It's definitely my number one sport.

My goal is to have a physique like Lee Labrada's. We have almost the same size measurements, except that I weigh a soft 200 pounds, while Lee weighs 185 pounds of pure muscle.

What would be the best way to lose my excess fat and still gain muscle at the same time? I want to weigh a solid 185 like Lee. Most importantly, what is the best training method?

My friends say, I should train six days a week, while in the magazines they say to train three days a week. Can you please lead me in the right direction?

Firstly, just because you are the same height as Lee Labrada, and weigh the same, doesn't mean you'll look like Lee, unless you have identical proportions to him. If you do, you should be a top professional and winning pro shows. Don't expect to look like Lee just because you get your weight down to 185 pounds.

As to the best training method to lose fat and gain muscle, I suggest you utilize my Four Sides to a Muscle course, using four exercises per muscle group, for four sets each. Keep the reps down in a 10-8-6-15 format. I suggest you rest only 45 seconds between sets. Train each muscle group twice a week. Train four days a week, splitting your body in two.

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