Ultimate Bodybuilding for Men and Women

Vince Gironda on Warming Up

"Warming up is a waste of gym time."

Your first set warms you up.

Vince Gironda: Keep Moving

Blood pools straight to your butt and legs if you just sit in a heap after a set.

No Scale For Vince Gironda

Vince Gironda believed in mirrors, not scales.

He said, "Who cares how much you weigh? It’s how you look".

Vince Gironda: Free Weights Only

Vince Gironda rarely tolerated machine work.

The coordinated function of the body to lift, balance and manipulate free weights is a holistic effort.

He called barbells his "magic wands".

The Three Changes of Vince Gironda

The first and immediate body change when you work a muscle is that the actual electrical conductivity of the muscle neuron increases causing a stronger contraction.

That’s why you’re stronger on the second set than on the first.

Second change is increased blood flow.

Finally, the metabolism kicks into a positive nitrogen balance.

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