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Overtraining? Vince Gironda Explains

All bodybuilders have looked in the mirror during a workout and noticed that they were getting a terrific pump in a particular muscle group. Usually this is encouraging, so you continue to train that bodypart.

But after a certain point, you notice that the pump is suddenly gone. Then you should remember the last set on which you still retained the pump. That's the set you should have quit on.

If you do too many sets, the body goes into shock. It does that to protect itself from injury. If you could continue to pump a muscle, you'd rupture capillaries and injure yourself. That's why your pump goes down. In other words, the loss of pump (over-tonus) is caused by overtraining.

Over-tonus also occurs in cases of generalized overtraining, when the muscles begin to slowly shrink, regardless of how much you train them (or probably because of how much you train them).

I think that anything over 8-10 total sets per bodypart will eventually lead to overtraining and overtonus.

Vince Gironda, Running & Bodybuilding

As far as I'm concerned, running and bodybuilding are not compatible. From a bodybuilding standpoint, distance runners are overtrained as a result of the thousands upon thousands of reps (i.e. footsteps) of each workout.

Overtraining destroys male hormones, and without male hormones it's impossible to build muscle tissue. So why bodybuild and run? It's counterproductive.

All of my nutritional programs are designed to increase male hormone. That's why I recommend eating so many eggs every day, and that's why I recommend eating first-class protein every two or three hours.

This puts you into positive nitrogen balance and stimulates male hormone production. And with a good diet and correct training, you gain muscle mass.

Running only destroys everything you do in the gym and at the dinner table to build up your muscles.

Vince Gironda Heavy Training and Warming Up

How heavy should you train and do you warmup?

Always train over your head. Always pick up more weight than you think you can use. Don't ever be sure you can do it. You'll do it. It just depends on how badly you want to do it.

Once you've done it you'll never go back. You get stronger on the first three sets by the way. I don't believe in warming up.

I used to be a dancer and I wondered why some of the girls had big legs. They said they didn't warmup long enough.

You cause VISCOSITY or LUBRICATION off the muscle by warming up and you can't tear tissue down. That's why belly dancers legs stay slimmer. I warmup during the confines of the first three sets!

Vince Gironda Running, Sprinting & Muscle

The average man cannot build muscle and jog at the same time!

If you must run, short fast sprinting would be better than jogging.

- Vince Gironda

Train To Gain: Iron Guru Turns Up The Heat

Train To Gain: Iron Guru Turns Up The Heat

I'm often asked what burns are since I recommend them. They're the addition of three to four half or quarter reps at the end of a set.

The motion involved is usually only two to three inches. The idea is to maximize the pump before ending the set.

Actually, not every exercise should be concluded with burns. You have to work it out for yourself.

Go by the feel of the movement. Ideal exercises to use burns on are Scott curls, calf raises, chins and dips.

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