The Vince Gironda File I   • $22.00

The Vince Gironda File I

Collector's item of all the training and diet secrets Vince Gironda has learned in his 35 years as a top physique star and trainer.

Most complete book on bodybuilding techniques ever written.

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#1 winalot 2009-09-04 22:04
I'd recommend The Vince Gironda File I as a must-have course for anyone looking to begin Vince Gironda training.
#2 jeffnovotny 2009-09-11 11:17
The Vince Gironda File 1 is an awesome text that everyone should read! Not only does this text talk about bodybuilding, but it also discusses nutrition and exercise technique. There is also a vast amount of information regarding supplementation . All in all this text blew my expectations away. I only wish that there were visuals associated with the exercise techniques discussed. Alas, such an inclusion wouldn't have made sense in this text. Overall, an excellent read!
#3 Forzafurioso 2012-10-07 08:26
Let's see if I can get this for christmas!

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