The Master Series Of Nutritional Cosmetic Bodybuilding   • $185.00

The Master Series Of Nutritional Cosmetic Bodybuilding

Vince Gironda's ultimate course providing a plan for total development and nutrition success.

- Bodybuilding Formula For Success

- My Philosophy Of Bodybuilding

- The Mental State

- Developing Muscle

- Stress

- Instinctive Training

- Overtonis

- Common Errors In Bodybuilding

- Tempo

- How Much Is Enough?

- Your First Course: Pre-Conditioning

- Sets and Reps

- Selecting The Proper Weight

- The Ten Commandments Of Bodybuilding Fat

- First Month Diet for Weight Loss and Firming and for Hard Gainers

- The Lacto-Vegetarian Diet

- Positive Nitrogen Balance Diet

- A New Concept In Abdominal Work

- Exercises To Be Performed

- Glossary of Gironda Bodybuilding Terms

- Experimental Nutrition

- Change of Program and Student Questions

- Poundages and Repetitions used per Set

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#1 Galilee 2010-07-18 22:23
just finshed reading this and i have said it before and i will say it again vince was a genuis. i true one of a kind

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