The Larry Scott Bulletin Collection   • $49.00

The Larry Scott Bulletin Collection

Amazing insight to Larry Scott's world of competing to win Mr. America, Mr. Universe and Mr. Olympia.

Over 100 pages of training and nutrition tips as taught by Larry Scott; thousands of words or pure training inspiration.


The Greatest Workout In The World 

Build Massive Deltoids Part I

Build Massive Deltoids Part II

Build Massive Deltoids Part III

Build Massive Deltoids Part IV

Build Massive Deltoids Part V

The Best Bicep Routine I've Ever Used

How To Put A Mountainous Peak On Your Biceps

How A Preacher Bench Should Be Designed

Secrets of Using An EZ Curl Bar The Right Way For Huge Biceps

How To Add An Inch To Your Arm - In 45 Days

How To Build Forearms That Force Your Biceps To Grow

Building Forearms That Look Like Bowling Pins

How To Build Incredible Pecs On A Pipe Rack

Discover A Totally Unique Exercise For Building Stubborn Pecs

What To Do When Bench Press Doesn't Work

The Secret To Incredible Upper Pecs

Building A Great Back

Discover The Secret To Thigh Biceps

Revealing The Secret To Building Stubborn Calves

This Simple Trick Will Explode Your Calf Development

The Amazing Exercise That Gets Rid Of Pot Belly And Low Back Pain

Turn Your Pull Down Bar Upside Down For Better Gains

How To Get Rid Of Inflamed Joints

The Training Secret That's Better Than Steroids

If You're Going To Workout - This Method Works Best

Why It's So Easy To Get In Terrific Condition and Stay There

How To Use The Pain Zone For The Fastest Possible Growth

Revealing The Secrets To Getting Huge Like A Bull

How To Use A Tape Measure To Get Huge

How To Refresh Your Instinctive Training Program

How To Build A "Fat Burning" Ring Of Fire Around Your Midsection

And much more!

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