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The Fat Of The Land

Vilhjalmur Stefansson was a famous 20th century polar explorer. In 1928 he engaged in an experiment based on his Arctic experiences: for one year, under strictly controlled conditions, Stefansson and an associate ate nothing but meat. Their diet contained steaks (muscle tissue), marrow, and organs including liver. They remained healthy throughout, and showed no sign of scurvy.

Stefansson's report on this experiment is very enlightening, well worth reading even today, and formed the basis of many of Vince Gironda#s theories on diet and nutrition.

The argument that Inuit have a different physiology is given the lie by Stefansson and his colleague, both of whom were born and bred on a western diet.

Further, there are many areas of the Arctic where nothing grows at all, not berries, nor forage for caribou. The only thing for humans to eat is fish and marine mammals - meat.

That humans can live healthily for extended periods with absolutely no fruits or vegetables shows that our current state of knowledge about diet is sadly lacking.

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