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Vince Gironda On Vitamin C

Try increasing your Vitamin C intake to help you release excess fluids. 300-500 mg. of Vitamin C daily are as effective as medicinal diuretics. Medical experts recommend large amounts of Vitamin C to counteract the harmful effects of air pollution. Long recognized as a cold fighter, recent research proves that adequate amounts of Vitamin C help prevent cancer and heart disease. 1,000 milligrams per day is the minimum recommended dosage.

(IronMan Magazine Nov 1973 Vol. 33 No. 1 and Musclemag Vol 2 issue 1)

Rheo Blair Protein - How to mix the protein drink

A man normally uses the 1/3-cup measuring scoop filled level
with Blair's Instant Protein (or the 1/4-cup scoop filled heaping)
mixed with a glassful of liquid. A lady normally uses the 1/4-cup
scoop filled level. Using the blender, a man mixes four of the
1/3-cup scoopfuls (same as one and one third cupfuls) to the
quart; a lady uses four 1/4-cup scoopfuls, or a cupful, to the quart.

The 1/4-cup scoop filled level with protein equals approximately
18 grams of protein; mixed with a glassful of half-and-half it
comes to about 26 grams. The 1/3-cup scoop filled level (or the
1/4-cup scoop filled heaping) yields about 24 grams of protein;
mixed with a glassful of half-and-half it's approximately 32
grams of protein.

The preferred liquid for mixing the protein is half-and-half, and
for a good reason. Nature seems to indicate that protein and fat
should be taken in even balance. Milk with 3% protein is
balanced with an equal amount of fat. Likewise eggs, meat, etc.

Blair's Instant Protein is extracted from milk and eggs without
this normally occurring fat; both eggs and milk were defatted in
processing. Whole milk is normally balanced by itself, so if
we mix the protein with milk we throw off this natural balance.
However, by mixing the protein with half whole milk and half
heavy cream we restore some of the fat removed during
processing and we achieve a product more normally balanced
as to proportions of protein and fat.

Remember, you are not actually drinking half-and-half when
you follow this suggestion. The protein with half-and-half
makes a "milk" drink which is equivalent to whole milk in
the balance of protein and fat. It is thick and creamy
because it is concentrated.

The "half-and-half" sold by most dairies is not a true "one half"
plus "one half" but it can be used. We prefer to mix our own,
using one-half whole milk and one-half heavy (whipping)
cream. We recommend using raw milk and raw cream if it is

Do not be alarmed that we suggest using cream, for cream
is not necessarily fattening for all people. By eliminating from
the diet the high carbohydrate foods (those high in starch
and sugar) you may find the body uses fats for a superior
source of energy. Fats in the diet often tend to burn off
accumulated body fat.

This protein drink made with half-and-half is delicious and
tasty, especially if you make sure that the milk and cream

Note: Rheo Blair A.K.A Irvin Johnson was a famous nutritionist.
Health faddists,movie stars,celebrities and professional
bodybuilders from around the country flocked to him for
his expertise and his high quailty protein products.

All the great bodybuilders of the 50's, 60's and 70's (Arnold,
Frank Zane, Larry Scott, etc.) followed this guy's advice
and got in the biggest and best shape of ther lives. He
had the secret of achieving steroid-like results without drugs.

Rheo rationalized that the highest quality protein in terms of
supporting human growth and well-being would be found
closer to home - in mother's milk. It is the food that has
been honed by millions of years of evolution to nourish
newborns and carry them through their most rapid period
of growth. Plus, enzymes found in milk, such as colostrum
and lactoferrin, were believed to have powerful immune
system-enhancing properties. His famous protein powder
was based on the amino acid ratios in mothers milk.

As Rheo Blair products began to fill the shelves of health
food stores stories abounded of the amazing physical
transformations he performed on hundreds of "hopeless
cases," regularly turning 97-pound weaklings into
strapping men by way of his protein and a vigorous
volume-based weight training routine.

Similar results were being reported by even advanced
bodybuilders on the Blair system. In an article in the
May 1967 issue of Iron Man magazine a bodybuilder
wrote, 'After being on Rheo's program for only three
weeks, I made more gains than I had in the past six
years. I put almost a half-inch on my arms. And after
two months I [put on] almost 20 pounds [of pure muscle]."

Blair died an untimely death in the early 1980's, some
say his protein powder was better then anything on the
market today. But almost forgotten are his amino acid
capsules that bodybuilders did anything they could to
get their hands on, because of their almost magic muscle building and fat buring effects.

Don't Take Supplements For More Than Five Days

Vince, I take all the diet supplements that are needed for building super muscle size such as protein powders, vitamins and minerals, but I am still not achieving the progress that I feel I could be making.

Your advice would be welcome.

I feel you shouldn’t take supplements more than five days in a row.

A brief rest of two days to detoxify and then you can go back to them. In this way the body will grab all the nutrients when they are available without super saturating and over toxifying.

Single Vitamins Cannot Work

I am 15 years old and I have been bodybuilding for about 1 ½ years. I weigh 175. You should receive my order for your arm course very soon in the future.

I have a question. I hope you will please answer. I saw an add about Formulas B3 and B7. It said in one of the testimonials that it is a substitute for anabolic steroids but it is natural. Do you know if this stuff works?

Does it hurt your body in any way? I don’t ever want to use anything that would harm my body in any way.

Single vitamins (Mono Substances) cannot work, they need catalysts to be utilized.

If you’re interested in producing male hormones in your body, do as the fellows in my gym are doing.

1-3 dozen raw fertile eggs mixed in ½ & ½ cream and milk beaten, and taken every 3 hours will produce an anabolic effect by putting you in a positive nitrogen balance.

It’s as easy as that. The effect is really miraculous.

Do Amino Acids Work For Muscle Gain?

Do amino's work? Find a champion in the top five who doesn't use them. Doesn't mean they're good because the big guy uses them, just means that those guys would've axed the aminos a long time ago if they didn't work.

I have seen Vince Gironda use a liquid hydrolyzed amino acid product on his students for years. It is not one of those collagen-based aminos. It is derived from healthy glandular tissue. No one has ever returned a bottle for a refund in the over ten years that Vince has used the stuff. The liquid contains the funny little peptide chains that everyone is in love with these days.

Inosine looks good, but there are some factors that have to be looked into. If you have joint problems (i.e. nagging elbows, bum knees, etc.) take five of this product.

Many California athletes use an aloe vera juice that contains papain and bromelain enzymes. They wash down their supplements with it after meals. Seems to work especially well for those on a high carbohydrate diet.

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