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Vince Gironda And Dessicated Liver

Dessicated liver is whole beef liver concentrated by vacuum drying at a low temperature. This concentration preserves all of the nutrients and this makes dessicated liver the equivalent of four times as much as whole liver. Actually desiccated liver is better than cooked liver, being the equivalent of raw liver.

(Bodybuilding Monthly Volume 4 July Issue 10)

What Is Dessicated Liver?

Desiccated liver is liver; whole beef liver concentrated by vacuum drying at a low temperature. This concentration preserves all of the nutrients and this makes desiccated liver the equivalent of four times as much as whole liver.

Actually desiccated liver is better than cooked liver, being the equivalent of raw liver.

(Musclemag Vol 2 issue 1)

New Discoveries With Dessicated Liver

Only within the last few years have the important values of desiccated liver been proven and new light shed on this outstanding food.

One of the most important facts about desiccated liver is its ability to help the body detoxify many chemicals that are dangerous but extremely hard to escape from. When eating meat it is almost impossible to escape from the intake of Desdiethylstilbesterol, a synthetic female hormone in the meat. Hopefully, this hormone will be taken out of all beef shortly. With enough regular daily intake of desiccated liver the body can detoxify DES. It can also detoxify cortisone, many pharmaceutical drugs, nicotine, alcohol and marijuana.

Only within the last few years has the most important factor in desiccated liver been uncovered. It took 20 years before it was discovered. It was made by Dr. Minor J. Coon, Univ. of Michigan. He succeeded in isolating and testing a red protein pigment which was given the name of P-450. This pigment tested and retested in the laboratory proved it was able to perform all the functions of liver that had been previously tested on the vitamins but not found attributable to them.

P-450 is not water soluble, and that the drying process in concentration of desiccated liver from whole liver does not remove this newly discovered liver factor, but rather concentrates it.

P-450 is a catalyst which speeds up oxidation of chemicals important to human life and detoxifies poisonous substances that we breathe in and digest in food. Production of energy is a process of oxidation of glucose within the cell. This in turn produces fatigue toxins that gradually slow down energy. P-450 can improve the energy production process and also improve the ability of the body to detoxify the fatigue toxins. That is why the rats were able to continue on for so long.

Later tests on human children were made. The results were confirmed. The unidentified factor in liver is as important to human growth and endurance as it is to that of laboratory animals.

(Musclemag Vol2 issue 1)

Special Bodybuilding Supplements

6 Amino Acid and desiccated liver tablets every 3 hours

4 Raw orchic tissue tablets before and after workouts

6 Each of the following before retiring. Arginine, Ornithine, Tryptophan, Phosphorus free Calcium tablets.

At 10 am – 2 pm – 4 pm and before retiring, have a protein drink.

Also eat some protein before you go to bed: eggs, cottage cheese, or a piece of meat.

Nucleic Acid RNA For Bodybuilding

Nucleic acids of the various kinds found within the nuclei of all living cells are the fundamental substances used in clinical investigation into aging and other aspects of human health. These nutrients are essential to life. They include the nucleoproteins ribonucleic acid (RNA) and deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA), discovered by science to contain the very blueprints by which all living matter knows how and when to reproduce itself. DNA contains the master blueprint; RNA is the messenger which carries the pattern to cells throughout the body. A vast amount of scientific research is now concentrated upon these fantastic elements which constitute the very basis of life itself. And it is through further knowledge of DNA and RNA discovered by microbiologists that the entire scientific world expects major breakthroughs in the understanding of nil life processes.


As stated, the nucleic acids DNA and ENA are the cellular components which control heredity and subsequent ability of the body to keep reproducing its inherited patterns. But more - these strands of acid within the cell nucleus also govern all life processes in health and disease. All organs and tissues of the body appear to undergo some form of aging. With the passage of time, many of the functional parts of the organs may be replaced by nonfunctional fibrous tissue. The cells or organs may degenerate through development of fat, accumulation of pigment, formation of vacuoles, or because of hyaline changes in the cell.

On the other hand, cells may proliferate, rather than degenerate, and produce a larger than normal organ, which may be either harmless or cancerous.

One of the most obvious effects of aging is the wrinkling of skin. In aging skin, there is a decrease in elasticity, and a thinning due to loss of fat and water. Lines and wrinkles in the face and hands become more prominent. The backs of the hands, highly visible indicators of age, become shiny, spotted with lentigus (brownish pigmented areas), and perhaps may develop senile keratoses (horny, wart-like growths).

Why do all these changes occur? Because the cells which contain the blueprints for the formation of the various organs are tired and worn and no longer able to maintain the pattern they inherited.

To maintain youthfulness one must find ways to help the body's DNA and ENA renew themselves so as to keep their patterns of genetic information etched clean and fresh. Work already done with DNA and ENA and related metabolites demonstrates the importance of these substances to the quality, as well as length, of life. They point not only to a longer life free of disease, but to the marvelous quality of being young as long as you live.

Aging involves decay of DNA which, in turn, leads to an improperly formed messenger, RNA. Since RNA is responsible for the formation of enzymes needed by the body, these enzymes are not formed properly, or perhaps they may not be formed at all. If they are not formed properly, obviously they cannot have normal metabolic function.

RNA, especially when combined with metabolically associated B Vitamins, Minerals, Amino Acids and Sugars, will enter the cell and aid in normal regeneration of the decayed metabolic organization of the cell, and in so doing will bring about normal enzyme synthesis and activation.

The results obtained by using an oral formula with a dietary regimen rich in nucleic acids have been highly important. Basic ingredients of the oral formula are RNA, Amino Acids, B-Complex Vitamins, Minerals, Sugars and Lipids. Dosages of between 30 milligrams and 300 milligrams daily, plus B-Complex factors in the form of Vitamin capsules were used.

There appears to be no absolute contraindications to the use of nucleic acid, particularly RNA, in therapy. Gout or high serum uric arid levels are relative contraindications, but even in these circumstances RNA-based therapy can be given as long as adequate management is employed. Lower RNA doses of ½ grains have been used in these cases.

The most immediate effect from using these substances even in dosages as low as 30 milligrams of RNA daily, was an increase in energy and well-being. Higher doses produced this effect as early as the second or third day.

The most striking effects are observed on the skin of the face. Again, within the limits tested, the higher the dosage, the more rapidly these effects were observed. The first results observed were a healthier, rosier appearance and a simultaneous apparent smoothing of the skin of the face, but without any actual change in wrinkles and lines. This occurred within the first or second week of treatment, usually within the first week.

When dosages as low as ½ grain to 1 grain of RNA were given daily, or five days each week, these early changes occurred in about two or three weeks. When doses of 5 grains daily, five days weekly were used, the changes occurred within the first week. After one or two months of treatment, sometimes earlier, there not only was an increase in smoothness and color of the skin, but lines and wrinkles began to diminish also.

Wrinkles in the forehead were often the first to decrease in depth. lines around the eyes took longer to decrease in depth, and though there was not a total disappearance of any wrinkles or lines, in the large majority of cases there was a distinctly noticeable decrease in their depth. Skin tightened, as well, and recovered moisture.

Skin on the back of the hand improved in smoothness in the vast majority of cases in three or four months. Roughness of skin of the elbows and other joints was lessened.

One standard test of aging of skin is the return to normal condition of pinched skin of the back of the hand. The treatment produced, after three or four months,m a quicker return to normal condition of the pinched skin in the majority of patients. In 15 patients, including nine women and six men, varying in ages from 40 to 71 years, the pinch-return time was improved by 30 per cent to 40 per cent. These patients were taking 5 grains of RNA daily, 5 days a week, for three months, along with a therapeutic B-complex capsule.

My conclusions are that RNA is the super catalyst - and if combined with Niacin it should be even more effective. I feel that RNA should be included in all Vitamin, mineral, protein formulas.

(IronMan Magazine March 1977 Vol. 36 No. 3)

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