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Why Rely On Food Supplements?

It may sound a little strange that we are relying on food supplements so greatly, but I think it should be obvious to you that there is very little nutritious food left unless one has his own organically produced food from his own garden.

- Vince Gironda

The Vince Gironda Blender Drink

Vince Gironda, famed Iron Guru and trainer to the stars — including Arnold Schwarzenegger, Clint Eastwood, Cher and David Lee Roth(!) — was a vocal advocate of natural, free-range eggs.

He lectured me about them in the early ’80s.

He gave me a recipe for a blender drink that included raw cream and farm eggs, with other ingredients. He insisted an essential part of the blend was the eggshells.

"You won’t find a better balance of minerals on the planet," he said.

And who was I to argue with a 65-year old Siciliano who would still bench 300 pounds?

Vince was rarely wrong.

Eggshells are an excellent source of bio-available calcium. Provided the eggs are from a good source, simply rinse the shells and let them dry thoroughly.

Then use a blender, spice grinder or food processor to finely pulverize them. A half-teaspoon is about 400 mg. of available calcium.

Don’t have a blender or food processor? No problem. Go "low tech" with a rolling pin.

Add the powder to a glass of juice and forego the dairy.

Vince Gironda Protein Drink

Vince Gironda’s recipe to me was simple:

"Four ounces of raw cream and two fertile eggs".

He sneered when I bought protein powder from him.

Vince Gironda: Take Vitamin C

Vince Gironda said taking one gram of Vitamin C before bed will help muscles recover without soreness.

Vince Gironda and Liver For Potent Training

Vince Gironda Liver

LIVER. Everybody is looking for the "new thing" that’ll revolutionise their progress.

And there HAS been some tremendous strides made in the field of nutrition.


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