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Steve Davis The Magic of Symmetry

The symmetrical physique is incomparable. When one of the few body builders of our era, who possess this elusive quality, steps on the stage, the audience seems to be held spellbound!

It has an almost "magical" or hypnotic effect on even the untrained eye of a non-body builder or female fan.

It is this charisma that can allow a smaller yet more symmetrical physique competitor to beat men far heavier or larger than himself. Steve Davis has proven this time and again in competition.

We believe that it is the various specific qualities that, in total, we have come to call symmetry that will determine the "New Breed" of physique champion.

He will be a man unconcerned with freaky body parts or "size" for the sake of mere "size".

His will be the thickly muscled yet pleasing body of the 21st Century.


• About the Authors    

• The Symmetrical Ideal    

• Achieving the Symmetrical Ideal    

• Anatomical Self Analysis    

• Summary Chart - Anatomical Self Analysis

• Restructured Training    

• Correction of Weak Body Parts    

• Body Parts and Corrective Exercises    

• The Optimum Torso   

• The Detailed Thigh    

• The Symmetrical Arm    

• The Total Deltoid    

• The Proportioned Calf    

• The Balanced Back    

• Gaining Weight Proportionately    

• Application of Master Step Training    

• Balancing the Entire Physique    

• Training for Detail    

• The Famous Master Diets    

• New Breed Supplements for Growth and Muscularity

• Total Supplementation Guide

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