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Steve Davis Foundations of Training

This book has been carefully researched and scientifically designed for the beginning and intermediate body builder in search of the New Breed of physique.

The theories enclosed between these covers are the result of many years of trial and error.

Follow the tenets in these chapters and you will build the foundations of a physique of perfectly proportioned symmetry combined with total muscularity; in essence, the New Breed of body aimed at 21st century standards.

Learn to know your body and its needs. Make exercise a "habit" that nets you a healthier mind and body. The body will then become the temple of your mind.


• Laying the Foundations of a Symmetrical Physique

• What Equipment is Really Necessary?    

• Mental Attitude - The Training Imperative    

• What is Your "T.E.R."?    

• Anatomical Analysis - The Lower Body    

• Anatomical Analysis - The Upper Body    

• Starting the Program    

• The Pectorals    

• The Serratus Magnus and Ribcage    

• The Lats    

• The Deltoids    

• The Triceps    

• The Biceps    

• The Forearms    

• The Master Program    

• Level I Beginning Stage    

• Level II Intermediate Stage    

• Level III Advanced - Intermediate Stage   

• How Much is Enough?    

• Weight Gaining Techniques    

• The Famous Master Diets

• The Master Diet: Level One    

• The Master Definition Diet: Level Two    

• Pre-Contest Diet: Level Three    

• Total Supplementation Guide    

• New Breed Supplements for Growth and Muscularity

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