Steve Davis Achieving Total Muscularity   • $24.00

Steve Davis Achieving Total Muscularity

Here is the first thesis in a totally new concept of bodybuilding.

There are no hidden secrets. This course explains every detail of Steve Davis' fantastic new approach to training.

Follow Steve's advice faithfully and you'll reap maximum benefits from your training.


• About the Authors

• I Think, Therefore I Am

• Training Philosophy

• Muscularity Training Program: An Outline

• Shoulders

• Triceps

• Biceps

• Calves

• Chest

• Back

• Forearms

• Thighs

• Abdominals

• Basic Nutritional Guidelines

• Biological Function and Importance

• Supplements for Growth and Muscularity

• The Master Diet: Level One

• The Master Definition Diet: Level Two

• Pre-Contest Diet: Level Three

• Pre-Contest Carbohydrate Overload

• Steroids: How important are they?

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