Steve Davis

Steve Davis won the IFBB Mr World in 1977 and competed at the highest level during the Golden Era of bodybuilding. Steve trained closely with Vince Gironda for 3 decades and his training and nutrition shows the influence and wisdom that Vince extolled.

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Steve Davis A New Direction in CalvesSteve Davis A New Direction in Calves

Now you need not be depressed about your calves since you have a routine that produces positive results for everyone.

Steve Davis Achieving Total MuscularitySteve Davis Achieving Total Muscularity

Here is the first thesis in a totally new concept of bodybuilding. This course explains every detail of Steve Davis' fantastic new approach to training.

Steve Davis Bodybuilding For WomenSteve Davis Bodybuilding For Women

Scientifically designed programs of progressive exercise with weights, proper diet, and a carefully detailed program of nutritional supplementation, enable female students to reshape, firm, and redistribute body weight.

Steve Davis Foundations of TrainingSteve Davis Foundations of Training

This book has been carefully researched and scientifically designed for the beginning and intermediate body builder in search of the New Breed of physique.

Steve Davis Gaining Muscle Size and DensitySteve Davis Gaining Muscle Size and Density

The most informative and professional course on the physical culture market for gaining muscle size and density.

Steve Davis The Magic of SymmetrySteve Davis The Magic of Symmetry

We believe that it is the various specific qualities that, in total, we have come to call symmetry that will determine the "New Breed" of physique champion.

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