Special Bodybuilding Supplements

6 Amino Acid and desiccated liver tablets every 3 hours

4 Raw orchic tissue tablets before and after workouts

6 Each of the following before retiring. Arginine, Ornithine, Tryptophan, Phosphorus free Calcium tablets.

At 10 am – 2 pm – 4 pm and before retiring, have a protein drink.

Also eat some protein before you go to bed: eggs, cottage cheese, or a piece of meat.


#1 2012-07-31 03:58
i am very interested in ordering orchid and live but i was curious about the viral risk. Is it possible to extract diseases from eating freeze dried bovine products?
#2 javier 2014-03-17 01:30
puedo tomar orchic con 15 aƱos ?? >> I can take orchic at 15 years old?
#3 Forzafurioso 2014-04-18 13:29
Yes, but you don't really need them at that age since your body is full of hormones and will be so for about at least 8-10 years.
Just clean up your diet, train hard and try to get at least 8 hours of sleep every night and you'll be alright.

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