Sex And Muscle

Sex And MuscleI have a question regarding sex and its effects on training. I am a healthy guy, but I was wondering if too much sex will interfere with my training progress?

I have just started to make really good gains at a time when I have become sexually involved with a very beautiful woman. She is very beautiful and I find her irresitable.

We seem to have sex at least twice a day - sometimes more. Sometimes I really find myself dragging when I get to the gym. What should I do Vince, cut back on the sex or accept less gains?

Sex is a very natural act. It is also natural to have sex more frequently when you first become involved with someone. If you're having sex two or more times a day more power to you.

I say enjoy yourself. Just make sure you are eating well and taking your supplements and the sex shouldn't hinder your gains at all, as long as you keep training. If, however, the sex prevents you from getting to the gym, than you should consider cutting back a little. Ah, isn't love grand?

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