Power Food Meal Replacement   • $54.95

Power Food Meal Replacement

Making Ultra-Power Food has been in planning mind for years, but the low fat/high carb accepted regimen was really a deterrent.

Changing times, nutritional awareness, public education, controversy, obesity and excessive carb intake, meant now was the time.

Researching meal replacement products showed me that most were a joke at best! I thought, I could do much better and I did. Now I hope you'll agree!

If you compare ingredients, nutritional value and price I think my product will be your choice. Nutritional counseling made me aware of America's awful eating habits, and it's so common for people to say, "I just don't have time to eat, so I grab what I can (usually quick high carb junk snacks)."

The Ultra-Power Food label states NO excuses. I timed at one minute putting the wafers in a plastic bag and leaving for work. Great nutrition will take no time at all and the wafers can be used anywhere at any time.
People ask me, "How many natural carbs should I ingest per day?" My research shows from about 80 to 120 grams. So experiment yourself. If you recall history, man was originally a hunter and gatherer which in essence means animal protein, vegtables and some fruit. Hippocrates said, "The word protein means most important."

Keep in mind your genetics, thyroid, pituitary and hypothalamus function is paramount. It is totally unnatural to overeat and constantly crave carbs (sugar). Every 6 seconds someone in the U.S.A. becomes a diabetic. (U.S. Government statistics).

History Note: the Egyptians invented the toothbrush as decay was prevalent. Why? Their diet was mostly carbs.
Primitive tribes that eat protein had little decay. Refer to Dr. Weston A. Price's book called Nutrition and Physical Degeneration.
NUTRITIONAL NOTE: Complete chewing of wafers will result in better digestion.

SUGGESTED USE: 24 wafers equal a full meal such as a 2 egg omelette with vegtables and sausage patty. 12 equal 1/2 meal, or you may use them as a snack in any amount desired. This supplement may be used by students, adults, children, seniors and all athletes and bodybuilders.

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