Bodybuilding is 85% Nutrition

Dessicated Liver Experiment

(Although I feel this experiment was not carried out as I would have conducted it (abdominal work should have been excluded) I still feel that anyone can expect the following results which I consider minimal.)

Dear Vince:

You mentioned in an article sometime ago that you would like to hear from people who had duplicated your experiment with desiccated liver. I carried out the experiment for two months. The first month I took thirty desiccated liver tablets each day (10 at each meal). I made the following gains:

Arm .......... ¼"
Chest ........ ½"
Thigh ........ ½"
Calf ......... 1/8"

The second month I took two 7½ grain liver tablets as you suggested. At first it was hard to remember to take the tablets every hour, but by the end of the month I had gained the following:

Arm .......... 3/8"
Chest ........ ½"
Thigh ........ 3/8"
Calf ......... 5/8"

I used six sets of six reps for each muscle group with the exception of squats which I worked three sets of fifteen reps. I followed the same exercise program both months except the second month I followed each set of squats with dumbbell pullovers for the chest. I hope the information will prove useful.

While researching a paper for school I came across some interesting facts. An article dealing with steroids and strength building mentioned an experiment conducted in 1953. The researchers found the optimum protein intake was 18.7 per cent. Some subjects were given up to 40 per cent of the calories in their diet as protein, but it was concluded that any amount over 18.7 per cent was wasted. This would mean that a person eating 3,000 calories would get 561 calories from protein and at four calories for each gram of protein, this would work out at 140 grams of protein. These test subjects were on steroids so perhaps the non-steroid user would need less because steroids are known to aid nitrogen retention. This seems to debunk the idea that bodybuilders need 300-400 grams of protein daily.


Dave Simmons

(IronMan Magazine Jan 1976 Vol. 35 No. 2)

Bodybuilding Is 85% Nutrition

People are often sceptible of my statement that bodybuilding is 85 percent nutrition. The average bodybuilder vastly underestimates the value of diet and overestimates how good his own eating program is.

How To Use And Prepare Protein For Muscle Size

Vince GirondaNever use a blender to mix protein. Blenders emulsify the fat in milk to a suspension too small for digestion. (Homogenized Milk.) Never use milk for a protein mix. Milk has too much carbohydrate. Protein and carbohydrate digest in different mediums. Protein (acid medium), Carbohydrates (alkaline medium). You may mix powdered protein and eggs in heavy whipping cream. Whipping cream is zero carbohydrate. Mix with a spoon to a consistency of pudding and eat with a spoon. Cow's milk or cream has five times the lysine found in human milk. Calves double body weight every 30 days. Human babies double bodyweight every six months. Before bodybuilders discovered supplements, milk was the principal growth food. Cow's milk, or cream, also contain the anterior pituitary hormone which is secreted by the cow when lactating to accelerate growth of the calf. Bodybuilders consuming cow's milk (or cream) can also benefit from this growth hormone. This food mixture should be eaten with two or three H.C.L. (hydrochloric acid) tablets for metabolic, digestive support. All units of protein are measured with eggs as No. 1 protein, milk is 2nd, and meat is 3rd. Enough for the No. 1 growth protein mix.

The next protein to discuss is: Steak and Eggs - the strong man's favorite meal. The amount of meat and the number of eggs used are a matter of body weight, height and severity of training. This meal is the favorite of bodybuilders interested in keeping up their size and burning all possible fat from their bodies. Both of these meals are excellent blood sugar elevators and both sustain blood sugar levels for a 6-hour period. Training on steak and eggs, you will find, does not require more than two meals a day (morning and night). I am not listing grams of protein in these meals because I do not think it is necessary. Force feeding of excessive amounts of protein can and will put you in Negative Nitrogen Balance - and can cause uric acid retention and kidney, bladder and liver problems. If you are not working out hard enough you will find you lose your taste for protein and you will naturally and normally cut back on quantity. When this happens a protein rest should be taken by eating steamed vegetables, raw vegetables and salads for 3-5 days, until you regain your taste for protein foods. You must remember that your individual needs are different from the next man's, so listen to your body rhythms and do not force food into a body that does not require it. Forget man's so-called logic and find your own metabolic needs.

A word to those who do not understand cholesterol: Exercise is the very best fat emulsifier known, because man still reacts to stress (which is the primary cause of cholesterol overproduction) as he did when in a primitive state. Cholesterol calls for action (Fight or Flight). Cholesterol prepares you in case of injury (stops bleeding if you are cut, or protects a rupture of veins). Also, a little known fact is that the body manufactures more cholesterol that you can possibly eat. The body reduces cholesterol output - or produces more - depending on how much of it you ingest. Fats and oils are fat emulsifiers themselves (lepotropics). So, who started the misconception that fats and oils cause unnatural cholesterol levels? As a matter of fact, if you study this problem you will find it is a substance known as tri-glyceride that is the culprit. Remember, nature is balance. Read Steffanson's book, "Not By Bread Alone." He lived with the Eskimos for 18 years on meat and fat only!

(IronMan Magazine March 1976 Vol. 35 No. 3)

Vince Gironda Bodybuilding Nutrition

1. Proteins: Meats, eggs, milk, fish, cheese, protein powders, fowl, Amino acids.

2. Minerals: Mineral tablets, kelp.

3. Vitamins: A, B, C, E, F.

4. Digestive Supports: H.C.L. Enzyme tablets, fats and oils.

5. Metabolic Stimulators: Kelp, fats and oils, minerals.

(IronMan Magazine Nov 1973 Vol. 33 No. 1)

Mothers Milk For Health

Mother's milk has the highest biological value of all the proteins (95 per cent). Next comes eggs at 94 per cent; cows milk follows with 90 per cent. milk and egg protein will build muscle faster than any other known food.

(IronMan Magazine Nov 1973 Vol. 33 No. 1)

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