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Vince Gironda Eggs Diet

2-3 dozen eggs a day is a lot, especially if your current diet is moderate in protein and fat. Take it easy at first, and remember you will not be taking in any carbohydrates (assuming you are doing the fat loss diet) except once every 3-4 days in the form of a carb only meal.

Cooking and eating 2-3 dozen cooked eggs a day is difficult, but I found shakes to be the most convenient way of getting my fill.

One shake consists of:

Cream (half and half)
12 eggs (raw)
Water and Ice
Pure protein powder (quality whey/or milk and egg) - the powder is mainly for flavor.

Drink this throughout your morning as breakfast.

Adjust the volume to your preference (ie. taste and consistency).

And adjust the egg content to what you can handle (ex. 6 eggs x 3 x day = 1.5 doz. = half way to 3 doz.)

Repeat at noon and evening. Or make several shakes in the morning and bring them with you to work (so long as you have a fridge for storage).

If you want to eat, eat some eggs or meat. But you'll probably find your appetite calms down, and your cravings will subside.

Nick told me my diet was...

eggs: unlimited
meat: unlimited
..."thats it, any questions?"

remember to take digestive enzymes, an EFA blend, and a quality multi-vit (good b complex)
Vince liked liver tabs, and glandulars as well.

If you are not trying to lose bodyfat then just keep your carb intake moderate. By moderate I mean have some toast with your eggs, or enjoy a small veggie side dish with your steak. What I don't mean is inhaling worthless cereals, or other processed starchy foods with every meal. The kind of carbs you ingest doesn't all becomes a form a glucose (sugar) and will cause an insulin response (usually leading to bodyfat deposits). The exception would be fiberous food products, as your body cannot digest them.


Vince Gironda Half And Half Cream

We just used heavy whipping cream or half and half, thats what Vince told us to use. I've personally purchased both from CostCo, so yours should have it as well.

As far as damaging anything molecular, I just remember one of the guys at Vince's saying that I was supposed to mix my shakes by hand using a fork to "keep the integrity of the eggs" or something like that. Try it for yourself, but it sucked for me - I use the blender.

Determine The Amount Of Carbohydrates You Need

Vince was more concerned about what form weight was gained, as opposed to just gaining weight. So, at least in my case, his suggestions and plans for me included more fats and protein, but less carbs to ensure I gained quality, lean muscle and not fat.

How I determine the amount of carbs I need now is by starting low and gradually increasing. If I should start feeling lethargic, or get bloated I know I'm taking in too much carbs. If you start getting fat... you're taking in too much.

Remember to be patient when trying to gain/lose weight. If you were to gain one pound a week (4 pounds of muscle a month), you would be gaining an average of .14 lbs of unnoticable muscle a day. But over a year (should you stay consistent) that would equal to 52 pounds of very noticable muscle weight gained.

The last 36 - 48 hours before a competition I take in one yam every hour until the evening competition. Yes, on the hour every hour - one yam. My girlfriend or alarm would wake me up throughout the night every hour the night before competition and I would eat. Simple carb loading. Sometimes it worked wonderfully, others poorly - I've never mastered it.

Vince Gironda Nutrition

I did not last long on Vince's nutrition program. His son Guy, warned me it would not be fun. He was right. But that's just me.

I'll never forget shaking up heavy cream, raw eggs and a packet of equal (which Vince generously permitted me to add for "flavour") in the tiny motel room down the block from his gym. I suppose the best part was steak but at that time I lacked money for frequent "feedings" of steak.

No food combining. "Sandwiches" consisted of wrapping roast beef around slices of cheese. I settled on eating roast beef with mayo for lunch as my favorite. My friends made fun of me at restaurants as they snatched the traditional bread from me during Italian meals.

I was permitted two carb meals a week in which I could eat as many carbs as I liked. This was not necessary but was done more to balance the psyche and stress of training and eating as he demanded.

In retrospect, I think I may not have eaten enough to replace the carbs that were subtracted. I'll tell you what, though. In two weeks I was as defined as I ever was. But I just could not hack it long term. I got headaches and was walking into walls. I stopped after 3 months and returned to "normal" eating.

Water. Vince had rules about water. You could not have it right before, during, or right after a workout. You did not have it at meals or right after meals. Any other time you were to drink as much (water) as you like.

Finding raw milk in NYC was hard at that time. Or free ranging chickens. Or eggs laid from free ranging chickens.

Then there was the supplements. Raw Glandulars, Liver tabs, Aminos (original pharmaceutical, free form spooned into fluid back then) every three hours. Digestive Enzyme tabs with each meal remember when he gave me my first lot of supplements he said: "Arty, THIS is the REAL food!" I don't know how much they contributed to my physique but I do recall having some technicolor toilet trips!

Vince was funny to eat with. We went out for breakfast once and they gave him a hash brown patty or something like it with his steak and eggs. He held it aloft and said he did not remember ordering this hogwash! I was told he behaved like that *all the time* eating out--always returning the unwanted extra stuff that came with meals—with disdain. Man was he funny!

Rheo Blair's Method For Cooking Raw Eggs

Heat water to a temperature of 180 to 185 degrees (Fahrenheit) in a saucepan or stockpot. Use a kitchen thermometer to make sure water stays within this temperature range.

Add eggs (in the shell) to the water and simmer at this temperature for 25 minutes.

The eggs are then ready to eat or add to your protein drink.

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