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Does Black Coffee Help Training?

I have heard that you like to drink a great amount of black coffee, Vince. Do you believe it helps training?

I drink very little coffee now, but I did drink it when in my best shape a few years ago.

Coffee is a stimulant and may serve to give you a lift. It can be helpful as a substitute for food when you are on a diet.

Incidentally, I didn’t have any coffee until I was 33 years of age. Currently I am partial to fresh mint tea.

Soft Drinks No Good

I do not like to drink milk because I find that I gain too much flab.

Would it be OK if I had a couple of cans of pop a day instead?

Soft drinks may taste good but they are definitely not good for you. The sugar, caffeine and chemical additives contained in soft drinks can trigger weight gain (two cans of pop a day would add 110,000 calories a year and get you on the way to gaining a full 32 pounds!) also you run the risk of physical and mental dependency, dental decay and increased illness as you get older.

You cannot compare the nutritious value of milk and pop. Milk (especially raw milk) contains a little of almost every nutrient known to man. Soft drinks have no nutritional benefit at all.

Sweets And Flab

Thanks for your course and please may you do these things for me please.

1. Can you tell me some way I can stop eating so much sweets?

2. Can you give me some advice on trimming my flabby waistline?

The reason you crave sweets is because you need proteins and fats in your diet.

You trim the waistline by taking liver tablets and amino acids every three hours.

No problem.

Feeling Hungrier After Exercise

I am always hungry and all my life I have eaten pretty well what I like. As a consequence I am fat.

Now I am starting to exercise with weights to get in shape (finally at 49 years of age!)

I read in a book that exercise curbs the appetite, but it seems to me that I get hungrier after exercise.

What do you think? Also, will salt make me fatter?

There is supposed to be some scientific evidence to show that exercise curbs the appetite. I have never noticed this.

What exercise appears to do is normalize the appetite. It puts you in touch with your true need for food.

You will also find that the more muscle mass you build, the better able you are to stay lean (void of fat). Muscle cells are active cells. They maintain a slight continuous contraction (tone) and they burn calories continuously.

Fat cells are inactive, burning very little energy (calories).

Salt (sodium) holds 180 times its weight in fluid. Too much can bloat you out.

Nutrition Contradiction?

I certainly enjoy reading your articles. Your opinions carry a lot of weight due to your years of experience. However, two articles which appeared in Iron Man magazine appear to be contradictory:

1. Iron Man, January, 1979, Volume 38 No. 2: "I have seen students gain one inch on arms in 3 days, eating one dozen eggs and one pound of beef daily."

2. Iron Man, September, 1978, Volume 37 No. 6: "I advocate a relatively 'low' protein intake, about 65 grams per day. The body can’t digest more than 20 grams per meal."

One dozen eggs and a pound of beef would amount to approximately 180 grams of protein a day, far in excess of what you recommend in the September, 1978 article.

Would you please explain?

Sorry about the confusion.

My feeling about body builders seriously training for maximum muscle size is simple; 4 fertile eggs every three hours is a necessity to achieve positive nitrogen balance.

This is the bottom line in body building nutrition. It’s the easiest way to achieve the anabolic state.

Men over 40, like Don Peters and Don Howorth look better now than they did at age 30 or under. Don Peters is at present up to 4 dozen a day, and looks unbelievable. I personally achieved the best condition of my life on 65 grams of protein a day (eggs, meat and butter).

You are opening a Pandora’s Box by expecting a simple answer to your questions. If you ever get to California perhaps I could go into detail and cover every aspect of this with you.

To summarize this, I go on record by stating that you would be far better off with 65 grams of protein, than 300.

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