Bodybuilding is 85% Nutrition

Organic Living For Muscle Growth

Organic Gardening, (January) points out a startling similarity between feed lot raised cattle and human nutrition. Feed lot cattle are fed hormones, pesticides antibiotics and their food is raised in commercial fertilizers. They are also fed too much protein in order to fatten them.

All these things overload their livers and cause diseases of that organ such as abscesses, watery tissue and excessive fat. These diseased livers are lighter in weight and give off a strange odor. Over 50 per cent of the livers from animals raised in this fashion are unfit for human consumption. Aren't these substances the same as we are getting from supermarket foods and meat which is produced in this manner? And to top it off, the bodybuilder or athlete is also using additional steroids! How can our livers be any different than these animals if we eat their flesh?

(Musclemag Vol 2 issue 1)

Vince Gironda European Weight Gaining Trick

Vince claimed this mix was a proven and tested way to gain weight and he stated he had students that gained as much as 40 pounds following it.

Simply mix equal parts of half & half mixed in ginger ale. Drink this mix three times a day between meals. That’s it!

Eating Beef For Muscle Gains

I read somewhere that you had Mohamed Makkawy eating beef just before a pro contest which he won.

I thought that this is outdated now. Surely bodybuilders are into fish and chicken before contests, not red meat?

My dietary recommendations vary with each individual I train.

In Mohamed’s case he needs red meat to hold maximum size. There are times when I recommend fish and poultry but only when I feel they are absolutely right for the bodybuilder concerned.

Serge Nubret is another bodybuilder who can still rip up (and how!) while eating red meat.

And getting back to my dietary advice to Mohamed…he won didn’t he?

A Diet Plan For Cuts

I have been reading your column in MuscleMag International for some years. I am 44 now. In fact your questions and answers are the first section I turn to.

My problem is this: I have a covering of fat all over my body so please give me a training routine to rid me of this unwanted body fat. I need muscular definition.

There is no such thing as a weight training routine for definition. There are only diets for definition.

To obtain definition (cuts) it is my experience that in most cases someone of your age has to maintain a very low blood sugar state for a good period of time.

In short, you will probably have to eat as little as possible.

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