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Burn Fat - Trim Down 3000 Product Update

The suggestion for using the old Burn Fat - Trim Down 3000 by biting the tablet in half then swallowing both wasn't exactly successful!

We've solved the problem completely by making two smaller tablets to replace the one rather large tablet. You'll have to take twice the tablets, but so far most people prefer this!

I hope you agree and the price is $29.95 for 360 tablets.

Power Liver Tablets Availability Update

Apologies to our customers, however our Power Liver 2000 (500) Dessicated Liver Tablets will not be available for 3 to 4 weeks due to new FDA labeling and terminology rules.

We have to produce all new labels and hence the delay.

For the first time in 15 years the cost of liver will also increase as the price of *all* liver is going up.

However, we still have plenty of Power Liver 2000 (250) Dessicated Liver Tablets at the old price of $19.95. The new pricing is shown below;

Power Liver 2000 (250) : $24.95

Power Liver 2000 (500) : $40.95

All orders will be posted as soon as possible.

The Soy Controversy

Get ready for an onslaught of advertising hype about soy products.

The government has given the green light to the soy folks to make claims related to heart disease and other health concerns.

Claims will include that it is designed to make you younger, save you from heart disease, solve all you female hormonal problems, lower your cholesterol and protect you against cancer.

The Dangers of Antacids

Don't ever take antacids, Prylosec (the purple pill), Pepcid AC, or Axid, as that would be a huge mistake!

Medical doctors prescribe them but really they don't know much about the human body.
Let me explain in detail. 

A Bio-rhythmical Necessity For Supplements

There is a bio-rhythmical necessity to be observed when taking supplements to get the most good out of them.

I originally discovered this with mail order students. Because they are coming to me from afar - they listen better.

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