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Mohamed Makkawy Variable Angle Training VAT

Mohamed Makkawy Variable Angle Training (VAT) details the life and training of this bodybuilding superstar.

Covering his life growing up in the rural community of Tanta, Egypt, his training with Serge Nubret in Paris, University in Cairo and moving to the USA where he met Vince Gironda follow Mohamed as he journeys to the Mr Olympia and World Professional Bodybuilding championships.

Includes detailed pictures of his life & workouts, as well as a detailed breakdown of his training and lessons learned during his extensive career.

Variable Angle Training (VAT) builds upon Vince Gironda's "A Muscle Has Four Sides" and shows how selecting the proper exercises to develop the muscles from various angles the whole appearance of the physique can be changed.

Chapter I - Beginning At The Beginning

Chapter II - Mohamed Goes To Paris

Chapter III - Back To Cairo, And Back To University

Chapter IV - Mohamed Goes To U.S.A.

Chapter V - Mohamed Goes In The Army

Chapter VI - Back To The U.S.A.

Chapter VII - Mohamed Makes A Comeback

Chapter VIII - I Meet Vince Gironda

Chapter IX - Mohamed Goes In The Mr Olympia

Chapter X - I Become World Professional Bodybuilding Champion

Chapter XI - The Night Of Champions - How To Be There And Not There

Chapter XII - The Big O And Four Grand Prix Wins

Chapter XIII - What Does It All Mean?

Chapter XIV - The Belly Exercises

Chapter XV - The V.A.T. Exercises

Chapter XVI - The V.A.T. Exercises For Chest

Chapter XVII - V.A.T. Exercises For The Shoulders

Chapter XVIII - V.A.T Exercises For The Back

Chapter XIX - V.A.T Exercises For The Legs

Chapter XIX - V.A.T Exercises For The Calves

Chapter XX - V.A.T Exercises For The Abdominals

Chapter XXI - V.A.T Exercises For The Arms

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