Milk & Egg Protein Powder   • $48.95

Milk & Egg Protein Powder

92% premium Milk & Egg Protein offers you the most advanced, highest quality protein formula available.
Designed for serious bodybuilders and competitive athletes, this cutting-edge, low-fat formula gives you high-value protein and essential nutrients - for fueling gains of solid muscle mass.

It is the decisive advantage you need and require when you are training to build your ultimate body. The combined formulation of scientifically-proportioned milk and egg protein gives you one of the most highly effective and efficient protein sources available.

The P.E.R. (Protein Efficiency Ratio) is greater than 3.9%, meeting and exceeding the U.S. Government standards for high quality, bio-available protein.

Research shows that the combination of Milk & Egg Protein and intense training will help promote muscle growth. Protein is the most important organic compound in the human body - influencing many essential biological processes. In fact, muscle tissue contains 80% protein, so the additional of Milk & Egg Protein to your training directly influences gains in muscle mass and strengths.

And only 92% Milk & Egg Protein is formulated from carefully selected high-quality, premium protein sources (including calcium caseinate, lactalbumin, and egg white albumin).

Milk & Egg Protein is loaded with essential vitamins, minerals and electrolytes. No other formula gives you so much to supplement your training and optimize performance.

Plus 92% Milk & Egg Protein contributes greatly to the promotion of a positive nitrogen balance within your body.


#1 2012-09-22 18:39
I did not that whey protein is useless until I saw a ad that Vince was in saying why protein is a useless by product how can I buy this milk and egg protein powder and exactly how many scoops is in this?
#2 Forzafurioso 2012-10-07 08:12
Here's another product I'd like to see in europe.
#3 2012-12-06 02:39
This protein is awesome. Mix it with heavy cream and 1 raw egg, best i've ever had. Take with digestive enzymes
#4 Forzafurioso 2013-03-03 08:20
I have unfortunately become allergic to milk. I get a really
weird dizziness resembling motion sickness!
#5 2014-02-04 23:43
This was a supplement that I used back in the late 70's through early 80's. Used to buy it at Tucson Health Studio, owned by the late Carlos Rodriguez.

Carlos was really into it and I found it to be a clean product that lived up to it's reputation. That label is different. Is it the same formula?

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