Mike Sapp on Vince Gironda

I trained at Golds and Worlds Gym in Santa Monica from 1977 on.

Trained with Arnold for his last Olympia. Barbarians were training partners.

Having followed the muscle beach guys, I had to train at Vinces at least once. So I drove down there one afternoon to train arms.

Vince was in the gym by himself and I asked to pay for the day. He hardly acknowledged me as I went thru my routine.

While I was doing preacher curls out of nowhere Vince grabbed the back of my shoulders and somewhat shouted at me to keep my body pressed into the bench.

I took that as a complete compliment that he felt I was worth his energy.

I trained that day and tried to absorb as much of the nostalgia that I could.

What a great experience ... I wish would have gone more often.

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