Michael Landon And Vince Gironda

Mike Landon, (Little Joe on the Bonanza series) and his stand-in and stunt man, Hal Burton, are real physical enthusiasts.

Both work out almost every morning at 6 o'clock before the gym officially opens. They are both members of the Vince's Gym Key Club.

(IronMan Magazine Nov 1973 Vol. 33 No. 1)

Michael Landon And Vince Gironda

Michael Landon And Vince Gironda


#1 2013-12-09 17:51
Landon was a bodybuilding enthusiast and you can tell by his development especially in the "Little House On The Prairie" years as his upper body was really impressive and they said they would boost the ratings by letting him take his shirt off every now and then. It's a pity he did not get involved in the sport/art form earlier as he would have been a natural. Gironda obviously was a big influence on him for his great results!

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