Larry Scott Rock Hard Abdominals   • $19.00

Larry Scott Rock Hard Abdominals

Larry Scott leads you through a nutritional experience which, when combined with the illustrated exercises, will result in a beautifully defined midsection.

It's difficult to pick an area of the physique which, when worked, will cause more misery than abdominaIs.

As I watch the fellows of any age come into the gym and begin working their abs, I am particularly sympathetic with those who have let themselves get in poor condition, I know the agony through which they are going.

I know how difficult my own abdominal workouts are and I can imagine how discouraging their meager attempts must be to them.

If you find yourself in this condition - in essence, overweight, out of condition - it's easy to attribute your poor condition to age. You may rationalize your bulging waistline with such falsehoods as, "At my age it's natural to be a little thicker in the middle."

I assure you, age has absolutely nothing to do with it. Anyone at my age can have a firm, hard midsection if he or she will just pay the price.

Nutrition will play a major role in your quest for abdominal excellence. Some have attributed over 80% of muscularity to nutrition and the remaining 20% to exercise- I sometimes wonder if the percentage shouldn't be closer to 90%.


- Muscles Worked

- Nutrition

- Foods To Avoid

- Foods To Eat

- Important Supplements For Fat Burning

- When and How To Take Supplements

- Eating Patterns

- Exercise Instruction

- Routine #1

- Routine #2

- Routine #3

- Routine #4

- Routine #5

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