Joint EZ-Kit   • $111.90

Joint EZ-Kit

Every bodybuilder that lifts excessive heavy weights sooner or later will incur some joint pain and this kit will really help this problem.

Contains the combination supplement:

CG-MSM-CS (Chew 3B - 3L - 3D)

Ultra Minerals (Chew 1 - 10 Mins. Before B & L)

Manganese B12 (Chew 1B & 1D)

Cod Liver Oil (Chew 4B - 4L - 4D)

Celtic Sea Salt (1 tsp. at B -- With strenuous exercise perspiration take 1 tsp.)

DMSO (When Needed for pain & inflamation)

B = Breakfast
L = Lunch
D = Dinner

Remember, chewing all supplements promote better digestion which is the key to success.

Use Digestive enzymes & apple cider vinegar with each meal!

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