Is There A Substitute For Gironda Dips?

I like to do dips for my chest and arms, but I have been sick lately, and at 62 years of age I have to take it easy.

My doctor says I can exercise, but I must stay within my limits. Is there any substitute for dips on parallel bars?

We have a special slant apparatus at "Vince's Gym" which can adjust to allow even little old ladies to do dips…but I doubt if any other gym has this item.

I suggest you place a stool under your dip bars. Give yourself a little lift when the going gets tough by allowing the stool to take some of your body weight, using your legs.

Pretty soon you will get strong enough to perform dips without the stool.


#1 TheManFromTaco 2017-12-06 22:28
Was the special apparatus to adjust the height of the dip bars? If so, lots of gyms today have something similar, in the form of dip bars that can be affixed to a power rack at whatever height suits you best.

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